Philosophy of Lock Haven Catholic School

Catholic education at Lock Haven Catholic School serves the mission of the Catholic Church by:

spreading the Gospel and our faith’s traditions and teachings; fostering intellectual development; and serving others in our community and the world. We are challenged to live our faith by integrating God, education, and service with all aspects of life.

Each student is a unique child of God with special gifts and abilities, created for God’s purpose. It is our sacred responsibility to guide, teach, and inspire our students in their spiritual and academic growth.

The process for structuring the total student experience involves regular review and revising to meet and/or exceed current education standards and the demands of our dynamic world culture.

We seek to promote harmony in life through solid education in the Catholic religion, academics, and values. This foundation will serve a lifelong purpose to illuminate the student’s journey toward becoming a faithful, respectful, and contributing member of our world community and the Kingdom of God.

The cooperative, interpersonal relationships among and between families, teachers, and students build a productive Catholic school community…one with the spirit of God’s family.

The purpose of Lock Haven Catholic School is to provide the environment and the means by which the whole child is developed and nurtured. This wholeness includes spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, personal, and social growth.

We believe that:

Effective education develops the whole person — spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically.


     · Every single child is deserving of an education in light of the teachings of the Church


     · Children learn at different rates in different ways.


     · Every child deserves respect as a unique creation of a loving God with certain individual needs, abilities, and


     · Core values of integrity, responsibility, perseverance, and respect are directly related to a person's sense of self

          and correlated level of accomplishment.


     · Children are our community's most valuable asset.

     · Education is the shared responsibility of the school, student, family, and community.


     · All children have a right to safety, love, and learning.

Profile of Graduates

Upon successful completion of our educational program, graduates of Lock Haven Catholic School will be:


     ●  Ready and willing to serve God and spread His message

     ●  Living and practicing the Catholic/Christian faith

     ●  Morally responsible citizens, who demonstrate integrity and show respect for all life, and accept the

         correlation between actions and consequences


     ●  Masters of basic skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

     ●  Understanding and applying the principles of scientific inquiry and exploration

     ●  Exhibiting competency with mathematical computations and problem-solving applications

     ●  Successfully and ethically utilizing technology as a means for locating and presenting information

     ●  Thinking critically, creatively, and independently


     ●  Open to new experiences, ideas, opportunities, and challenges.

     ●     In possession of a healthy sense of self based on Catholic/Christian values and convictions


     ●  Servants and leaders in their parish, community, and world.

     ●  Able to converse and debate in an educated and respectful way.

     ●  Lifelong learners who seek to better themselves and remain knowledgeable about current events and new

         information, keeping a growth mindset.

     ●  Demonstrating a respect for diversity in our multicultural world


     ●  Self-sufficient in life skills